Imaam ul-Asr Haafidh Muhammad Gondalwi (rahimahullah)

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The Teacher of Teachers, Muhaddith ul-Asr, A great Scholar, Maulana Haafidh Muhammad Gondalwi (rahimahullah) was one of the greatest Scholar, Mufassir (Explainer) of Quraan, The Muhaddith of his time, A Great Faqeeh, Mujtahid, Mutakallim, Teacher, Author, Critique, Intelligent, and famous persons. He had an equal command over all the fields of Islaam. He had full mastery over Tafseer, Hadeeth, Fiqh, Usool al-Fiqh, Asmaa ur-Rijaal, Lughat, Adab, Taareekh wa Siyar, Philosophy, Ilm al-Kalaam, Sarf and Nahw.

The teaching period of Shaikh ul-Islaam Muhaddith Gondalwi (rahimahullah) and it is also impossible to count the number of students of Shaikh Muhaddith Gondalwi (rahimahullah)

  • Darul Hadeeth Gondalawalah
  • Jaami’a Islaamia Gonranwala
  • Jaami’a as-Salafiyyah Faisalabaad
  • Jaami’aa Islaamiyah Madeenah Munawwarah
  • Jaami’aa Muhammadiyyah Gujranwalah
  • Jaami’aa Ta’leem ul-Islaam Audanwalah
  • Jaami’aa Daar us-Salaam Umarabaad

The extraordinary Memory of Shaikh Muhammad Gondalwi (rahimahullah)

Allah had gifted Shaikh Muhaddith  Gondalwi (rahimahullah) with an extra-ordinary Memory. He memorized 15 paras (15 out of 30 Parts) of Quraan only in 15 days. After this, he stopped memorizing for six months (due to some reason), after six months, he memorized the remaining 15 parts in 15 days. Which means that he memorized the whole Quraan in one Month (30 days). He had such a sharp memory that if he read a book once, then it would remain preserved in his mind forever. He almost had the Sharh Bukhaari of Ibn Hajar, and Faydh ul-Baari of Anwar Shaah Kaashmiree memorized by heart. The lengthy quotes from Hujjatullah al-Balaghah of Shah Waliullah Dahelwi were used to be preserved in the chest of Shaikh Haafidh Muhammad Gondalwi (rahimahullah)

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The achievements of the students of Shaikh Muhammad Gondalwi, and a comparison of his students with the students of Shaikh Nadheer Hussain Muhaddith Dahelwi

The students of Maulana Sayyid Muhammad Nadheer Hussain Muhaddith Dahelwi also include some huge Scholars who themselves became the possessors of Musnad Tadrees wa Tahdeeth, and who achieved so many accomplishments in Tadrees, Ta’leef, and Tasneef that they will always be remembered till the Last Day (In-Sha-Allaah). For example: Some of these famous personalities are: Maulaana Haafidh Abdullah Ghaazipoori, Maulaana Haafidh Abdul Mannaan Wazeeraabaadi, Maulana Abdul Jabbaar Umarpoori, Maulana Sayyid Abdul Jabbaar Ghaznawi, Maulana Haafidh Muhammad Barakallah Lakhwi, Maulana Ahmed ullah Muhaddith Partaap Garhi, and Maulana Abdul Wahhaab Sadri Dahelwi etc.

Those among the students of Shaikh Haafidh Muhaddith Muhammad Gondalwi, who earned their name and fame in Tadrees include: Maulana Haafidh Abdullah Badhimalwi, Maulana Ubaidullah Rehmaani Mubaarakpoori, Maulana Nadheer Ahmed Amlawi Iraaqi, Maulana Muhammad Abdah al-Falaah, Maulana Muhammad Ishaaq Hussainwi, Maulana Peer Muhammad Ya’qoob Qurayshi, Maulana Haafidh Abdul Mannaan Noorpoori, Shaikh ul-Hadeeth Maulana Abul Barakaat Ahmed Madrasi, Maulana Muhammad A’dham, and Shaikh ul-Hadeeth Maulana Muhammad Alee Janbaaz etc.

In Tasneef, Ta’leef and specially in the service of the hadeeth of the Prophet (peace be upon him), the Students of Shaikh ul-Kul Maulana Sayyid Muhammad Nadheer Hussain Dahelwi such as: Maulana Shams ul-Haqq Adheemaadee - the author of Awn al-Ma’bood Ala Sunan Abi Dawood, Maulaana Abdur Rahmaan Mubaarakpoori – the author of Tuhfat al-Ahwadhi fi Sharh Jaami at-Tirmidhi, Maulana Sayyid Ahmed Hassan Dahelwi – the author of Tanqeeh ar-Ruwaat fi Takhreej Ahadeeth al-Mishkaat (First Half), Abu Sa’eed Sharf ud-Deen Dahelwi – the author of Tanqeeh ur-Ruwaat fi Takhreej Ahadeeth al-Mishkaat (Second Half), Maulaana Abdul Tawwaab Multaani, and Maulana Abdus Salaam Mubaarakpoori etc, have played an excellent role.

Among the students of Shaikh ul-Islaam Gondalwi, the scholars who have achieved a high position in the service of Hadeeth, and earned the praises of the people of Knowledge and the people of Pen, include: Shaikh ul-Hadeeth Maulana Ataaullah Haneef Bhojiaani – the author of at-Ta’leeqaat as-Salafiyyah (Sunan Nasaa’ee), Shaikh ul-Hadeeth Maulana Muhammad Ali Janbaaz – the explainer of Sunan Ibn Majah, Maulana Muhammad Saadiq Khaleel Faisalabaadi, Maulana Irshaad ul-Haqq Athari, and Maulana Muhammad Yahya Gondalwi etc.

The Silsilah of Isnaad of Haafidh Gondalwi reaches Shaikh Muhammad Nadheer Hussain through two routes, see the chart below:

The Praise of Scholars for Shaikh Gondalwi

Shaikh ul-Islaam Haafidh Muhammad Gondalwi was the possessor of a very profound knowledge. Even the scholars of Hijaaz used to admit and admire the deep knowledge of the Shaikh. 

Shaikh Muhammad Ameen Ash-Shanqeetee praising Shaikh Gondalwi

When he was once a teacher of hadeeth in Jaami’aa Islaamiyah Madeenah Munawwarah, one day he was having a serious discussion on a knowledge-based topic with Fadheelat ush-Shaykh Muhammad Ameen Ash-Shanqeetee – the author of “Azwaa ul-Bayaan”. So in answer to one of the matters, Shaikh ul-Islaam Gondalwi said there are ahadeeth narrated regarding this topic in Jaami’ Tirmidhi, but all the scholars present in that gathering said at once that these narrations are not present in Jaami’ Tirmidhi, but Haafidh Gondalwi said with full confidence that these narrations are present in Jaami Tirmidhi, therefore he showed those narrations from Tirmidhi to the Scholars present there. 

So Shaikh ash-Shanqeeti then said:

“I have not seen anyone on the face of the earth more knowledge than this Shaykh.” 

More Information

Besides being an expert in the Uloom of Islaam, he also was an expert in Islamic Medicine. He passed the exam of Faadhil at-Tibb wal Jarahat from Tibbiyah College of Dehli with very good marks, and got the degree. During the distribution of Certificate, Mahatma Gandhi gave him the certificate and a gold medal.

The Shaikh has also been the Ameer of Jami’at Ahl ul-Hadeeth Paakistaan. His services in Tahreek Pakistan was outstanding. He joined with Muslim league from the beginning and remain with them till the end.

Shaikh Gondalwi was born in 1315 Hijri/1897 A.D in Gondalawalah. The name of his Father was Mian Fadhal Deen.

He got his primary education from Maulana Alaauddeen (Gujranwala), and later went to Taqwiyat ul-Islaam Amritsar. The teachers he took knowledge from there include:

  • Maulana Sayyid Abdul Jabbar Ghaznawi
  • Maulana Sayyid Abdul Awwal Ghaznawi
  • Maulana Sayyid Abdul Ghafoor Ghaznawi
  • Maulana Muhammad Hussain Hazaarwi

He took knowedge from Maulana Abdur Razzaaq, Ustaad al-Fanoon, in Dehli, and from Maulana Abdul Mannan Wazeerabaadi in Punjaab.

The Shaykh had two wives. From the first he had one son and one daughter and from the second he had two sons and four daughters, of which one of his daughters he married to Shaykh Ehsan Elahi Zahir.

His Students:

The Imam taught in various Madrasas and institutions in the Subcontinent as well as in al-Jami’at Islami Madina al-Munawarra. The university scholar of hadith at the time was the Muhadith, the Imam Nasir ud-Deen al-Albani who resigned from his post and departed from the University. To fill his post Imam bin Baaz sent his personal secretary to Pakistan with a personal request for the Imam to accept the vacant position, which he did. Numerous students as well as teacher gained benefit from the lectures and classes that the Imam gave. Even though it is not possible to mention the names of all his students as they are innumerable, we will mention the names of some of the famous ones.

  • Maulana Ubaydullah Rehmaani Mubaarakpoori
  • Maulana Muhammad Ataaullah Haneef Bhojiaani
  • Maulana Haafidh Abdullah Badhemalwi
  • Maulana Muhammad Abdullah Gujranwalah
  • Maulana Haafidh Muhammad Ishaaq
  • Maulana Muhammad Abdah al-Falaah
  • Maulana Abul Barakaat Ahmed Madraasi
  • Maulana Muhammad Haneef Nadwi
  • Maulana Abdur Rehmaan Ateeq Wazeerabadi
  • Maulana Muhammad Saadiq Khaleel
  • Maulana Ilm ud-Deen Sohdarwi
  • Maulana Muhammad A’dham
  • Maulana Abdul Qaadir Nadwi
  • Maulana Irshaad ul-Haqq Athari
  • Maulana Muhammad Siddeeque Faysalabaadi
  • Maulana Muhammad Ishaaq Bhatti
  • Maulana Abdul Khaaliq Quddoosi
  • Maulana Muhammad Ali Janbaaz
  • Maulana Ataa ur-Rehmaan Ashraf
  • Maulana Mu’ayyin ud-Deen Lakhwi
  • Maulana Muhammad Ishaaq Cheemah
  • Maulana Haafidh Abdul Mannan Noorpoori
  • Maulana Muhammad Khaalid Gharjaakhi
  • Maulana Qaadhi Muhammad Aslam Sayf
  • Allamah Ehsaan Ilaahi Zaheer
  • Allamah Muhammad Madani bin Haafidh Abdul Ghafoor
  • Maulana Hakeem Mahmood Salafi


Shaikh ul-Islaam Muhaddith Gondalwi, where was an Imaam in the field of Tadrees, was also one of the greatest Authors. The following are his books:

In Arabic:

1.      Taqareer Saheeh Bukhaari

2.      Baghiyat ul-Fuhool Sharh Risaalah Usool al-Fiqh Shaah Ismaa’eel Shaheed

3.      Tuhfat ul-Ikhwaan

4.      Al-Budoor ul-Baghizah

5.      Mas’la Emaan

6.      Sharh Mishkaat ul-Masaabih

7.      Hawashi Saheeh Bukhaari

8.      Aamaalee Ala al-Bukhaari

9.      Zubdat ul-Bayaan fi Tanqeeh Haqeeqat ul-Emaan wa Tahqeeq Ziyaadah wa Nuqsaan

In Urdu:

1.      Dawam-e-Hadeeth

2.      Tanqeed al-Masaail – This books is in answer to some sayings of Sayyid Abul Ala Mawdoodi, for example, Mawdoodi said: “The deen that I (Mawdoodi) have brought, if anyone does not come to it, then he will die the death of a Jew or Christian”. Shaikh Gondalwi has done a very lengthy discussion on this saying. This books was published from Lahore.

3.      Khatm-e-Nabuwwat

4.      Miyaar Nabuwwat

5.      Islaam ki Pehli Kitaab

6.      Islaam ki Dusri Kitaab

7.      Al-Islaah  - This book is in two volumes and is written in refutation of the article of Maulvi Muhammad Hussain Hanafi, named “Jawaz Faatihah Ala al-Tawaam”. It was published in 1959.

8.      Khayr ul-Kalaam fi wujoob al-Faatihah Khalf al-Imaam – This book is written in answer to the article of a Taqleedi Author. It has been proven in this book, with evidences, that there is no prayer behind the Imaam without reading Surah Faatihah.

9.      Ithbaat at-Tawheed fi Abtaal at-Tathleeth

10.  Al-Tahqeeq al-Raasikh

11.  Salaat Masnoonah

12.  Aik Islaam

13.  Ahdaa Thawaab – In this book, the Shaikh has proven with the evidences from Quraan and Ahadeeth that celebrating Teejah, Saatwan, Daswan, or Chaaliswan of a deceased person is a Bid’ah, and then has has proven the permissible ways of benefitting the deceased. This book was published from Lahore.

14.  Rad Mawlood Murawwaj

15.  Hanafi Ahl al-Hadeeth

16.  Sunnat Khayr al-Anaam Darsah wa Tareek Slaam – In this book, the amount of Witr and that sitting in between the witr and reading tashahhud after two rak’ahs is discussed with detail.

17.  Radd Husn al-Mawlid

18.  Tuhfat ul-Wa’zayn Manzoom - Punjabi 


After spending 2yrs in Madinah, the Imam went back to Pakistan. However, once he was there, the Imam decided not to return to Saudi due to weakness in his eyes and returned the ticket back to Saudi. He remained in Pakistan and taught classes in Hadith until his death. Shaikh Haafidh Muhammad Gondalwi passed away in 14th Ramadaan 1405 H or 4 June 1985 A.D. in Gunranwalah. Maulana Muhammad Abdullah led his funeral prayer, and he was buried in the Kalaan Graveyard right next to Shaikh ul-Hadeeth Maulana Muhammad Ismaa’eel Salafi. Inna Lillahi Wa inna Ilaihi Raaji’oon. May Allah have Mercy on the Imam, the Muhaddith Abu Abdullah Muhammad Ghondalawi and bless him with the Jannah. Ameen.

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