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What is wrong with Barelvis?


Barelvi is a term used for the people who follow Ahmed Raza Khan. They pretend to follow Imam Abu Hanifa rahimahumullah, but they do not take the aqeedah from him . They prefer to be known by the title of Ahle Sunnat wal Jama'at but they are devoted to Sufism which has nothing to do with Ahlus Sunnah wal jamaah. Kanzul Iman, an English/Urdu Quran translation by Ahmad Raza Khan is banned in Saudi Arabia due to errors in its translation and explanation.

What is wrong with Barelvis?

Barelvis have several beliefs regarding Muhammad sallallahu alaihi wa sallam's nature that distinguish them from the established principles of Islam.

They say and believe that
-- He is a human being but created from light.(naoozubillah)
-- He is present in many places at the same time.(naoozubillah)
-- He is still witnessing all that goes on in the world.(naoozubillah)
-- He has knowledge of that which is unknown, including the future.(naoozubillah)

The name barelvi derives from the north Indian town of Bareilly.

Al'hamdulillah in current times, there are approximately 20 Ahlul Hadith / salafi masaajids in Bareilly and there is an 
apprximate population of more than 25,000 salafi / ahlul hadith brothers in Bareilly. (JAME MASJID - Jamiat E Ahle Hadees. Qureshi Nagar, Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh 243005)

And say, "Truth has come, and falsehood has departed. Indeed is falsehood, [by nature], ever bound to depart."

(17:81) Sūrat l-isrā (The Night Journey)

Barelwiat is a book about the Barelwi sect which appeared at the end of the nineteenth century in the Indian peninsula and it contradicts the islamic legislation ,the quran and sunnah not only in the branches but also its fundemental creeds attack Islam completely.They consider anyone opposing the opinions of their Imam as a disbeliever.The book includes five 5 chapters:it’s history,creeds, teachings, disbelieving fatwas and mythical stories..Brothers have included both the English and the urdu version.

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